Sony picks up an action comedy about mistaken identity called El Tigre

Grumpy tiger

EL TIGRE, Sony's newest spec script acquisition, has nothing to do with the song I played in Jazz Band and everything to do with "a family vacation gone horribly awry when the father is mistaken for the most ruthless drug lord in Mexico, El Tigre." 

I for one am disappointed, since I rocked the shit out of the marimba on that song.

EL TIGRE marks the first script sale for Aaron Buchsbaum and Teddy Riley after a three-way bidding war between MGM, Sony, and Paramount.  Hopefully the script was so strongly desired because it's basically a Mexican THE BIG LEBOWSKI, but perhaps that's far too unreal of a dream.  Or is it? And what are some of your favorite movies centered around the conceit of mistaken identity?

Diamond cartel guns

These guns were seized in a raid on a Mexican Drug Cartel operation.  And yes, those are diamonds alongside the gold and silver plating.  Because everyone should have the chance to be fabulous, even while they run drugs, kidnap, and murder.

Extra Tidbit: GALAXY QUEST.



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