Sony wants to tell the dark Little Mermaid story

You guys remember that version of THE LITTLE MERMAID when Ariel finally got her prince to be with her then one night she tore off his head and ate it? Yeah, I don't either cause I just made it up. But there is a dark version of the tale coming, but obviously it won't be anything like that.

Sony has picked up MERMAID: A TWIST ON A CLASSIC TALE, a book by Carolyn Turgeon. As of late, the re-working of fairy tales has replaces the vampire trend, even though that bandwagon isn't completely over. Shana Feste (COUNTRY STRONG) will write and direct. Tobey Maguire and Jenno Topping, who worked with Feste on COUNTRY STRONG, are producing.

The darker mermaid tell centers on, "a princess who, in order to save her ravaged kingdom, sets out on a dangerous journey to marry the prince of her rival kingdom, not knowing that a beautiful mermaid has fallen for the same man and has sacrificed everything to be with him." Instead the mermaid having the main point of view, this princess will be the focus.

The original story of THE LITTLE MERMAID from Hans Christian Andersen was darker than the Disney film. In the end, she sacrificed being a mermaid again because she would not kill the prince. The mermaid throws herself into the water and dissolves into sea foam. While her spirit does rise and making her a daughter of the air, the mermaid must earn her soul back by doing good deeds then she can eventually rise up into the Kingdom of God.

Extra Tidbit: Is there any fairy tale adaptations out there that you are looking forward to?
Source: THR



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