Special forces engage in the testing of 'Boba Fett' combat helmets

Check this out! The SAS are now testing “Star Wars”-style bulletproof helmets as tactical gear in the war on terror. If you're unfamiliar with that faction of the military, the SAS (Special Air Service) are essentially the United Kingdoms's Navy SEALs. The group was founded in 1941 as a regimen, but was later re-established as a corps in 1950. Now, in 2017, the highly skilled badasses of the SAS are experimenting with what's been dubbed as the "Boba Fett helmet" named for the sci-fi saga's notorious bounty hunter.

The helmet comes equipped with special heat-seeking technology that allows for the SAS troops to get a leg up on their target. The gear also recognizes signals sent from other people through “friend or foe” vision and is air conditioned to protect against heat and gases. As if that's not cool enough, the helmet also comes features a GPS system that's built right into the visor, capable of displaying maps and updates to mission briefings as well. The new 'Boba Fett' gear is bulletproof, and can protect any individual wearing it against shrapnel and torrents of fire. In fact, the helmet is so strong that it can withstand a blast from a 44 Magnum.

The durable AF piece of tactical equipment was first used by US special forces operators from the Navy SEALs and Army Delta Force. In talking about the helmet, a military source told the Daily Mirror that, "For years the defense industry has been trying to find a way of protecting the head and this is the next development. The helmet, already being used by special forces, is much more versatile than just stopping bullets. It is fitted with the latest communications technology and will help the soldier see the enemy no matter what the circumstances."

Rad. Here's my question, though; How long do you think it will take for this news to make its way around to the cosplayer community? I can totally see men and women replicating the helmet's design to arrange some truly inspired spins on the new tech. Enjoy your new gear, SAS, you look damn cool in it, I must say.

Extra Tidbit: I wouldn't last two whole seconds in the armed forces.



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