Spoiler: Mads Mikkelsen slips and reveals who he's playing in Rogue One

mads mikkelsen

You really have to hand it to the people over at Lucasfilm. For their latest STAR WARS Story, ROGUE ONE, which revolves around an event that we already know happened in the Galaxy, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding how it all unfolds. Very little is known about which characters, if any that we're familiar with, will be involved or how they'll tie into the greater canon of the saga. For something has big as STAR WARS that everyone has their eyes on right now, they've managed to keep a lid of plenty coming on. 

But it's hard to keep everything a secret before a film is released these days, and every once in awhile, someone is going to say something revealing that they probably shouldn't have. Case in point: Mads Mikkelsen

We know the former Hannibal Lecter is a part of the ROGUE ONE cast, but, up to this point, no one knows in what capacity. Who does he play? What role does he serve? How does he factor into whatever story they're telling? Now we have at least a little better idea due to a conversation the actor had with Sky News. 

When asked how he felt being approached to take part in something STAR WARS, he gave a bit more away than he was probably supposed to (and this is where the SPOILER WARNING comes in)... 

A little scared. I wasn’t really sure if I was wearing a Stormtrooper outfit or anything like that at that point. I wasn’t sure I could fit into that. I read the script. It was very beautiful. And Felicity [Jones] is playing this lovely, strong woman, and I play her father. And that was too much. I’m sorry.

And we're a little bit wiser at the moment. Mads Mikkelsen will play Jyn Erso's dad... ummm Papa Erso for now, I guess. But what does Papa Erso do in the film? There have been all sorts of rumors circulating that he is directly involved in the creation of the Death Star, but that is hardly concrete at this point. We may get a better idea the closer to December we get. Otherwise, we're simply going to have to wait until December 16 when ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY hits theaters to know for sure.

Source: Sky News



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