Spoilery Dark Knight Rises rumor of the day

It wouldn't be the end of the week without just one more DARK KNIGHT RISES rumor to throw out there. This comes via Comic Book Movie which can be hit or miss but a few different people sneaking around the set seem to have come to the same conclusion.

Spoilers ahoy, ready?


Scarecrow is back. Allegedly. Spies say they have seen Cillian Murphy on set, with some giving the further detail that he's wearing a black robe presumably to hide his costume. Murphy and his Scarecrow returned in THE DARK KNIGHT, so maybe they're doing some sort of running gag where he gets caught by Batman in each film? Or might he have a role that's a step up from a cameo? Or is this all just total BS?

Personally, I'd believe it, judging by the multiple witness accounts and the fact that it could make sense for the plot. But who knows until we get a photo, or I don't know, watch the movie.

Extra Tidbit: Honestly I'm getting tired of spoilers for movies like this. If this wasn't my job, I would avoid them like the plague.
Source: ComicBookMovie



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