Star Wars Battlefront holiday commercial reminds you of that old magic

On a day where it seems like STAR WARS nonsense is spreading across social media like wildfire, the official STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT holiday commercial has been sent our way in the nick of time.

Now there is certainly a great deal of hype and excitement toward the coming video game, especially after people got the chance to play the hell out of the beta recently, confirming their suspicion that we may have something pretty awesome on our hands in the weeks ahead. But what this new spot does is get to the core of STAR WARS fandom. This one tugs at your heart strings, reminding you as a STAR WARS fan what your devotion to the saga used to feel like, back before cynicism and negativity and pessimism started creeping in, before the Special Editions began to do their thing, before the prequels were made.

STAR WARS used to be pure, and fans responded in kind - holding onto the escapism it provided, never wanting to let go of that warm, fuzzy feeling we always got when we paid a visit to a galaxy far, far away. STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT wants to remind you of the magic STAR WARS once had, and it hopes to recapture that as it enters your current-gen console this holiday season.

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT assaults your gaming console on November 17.



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