Steven Seagal somehow still making movies, latest titled Contract to Kill

Damn. According to imdb, Steven Seagal has starred in fifty-five films, with six coming out just this year. That is certainly productive.

But like anyone who makes a lot of things quickly, you find that one of the first things to go is quality control. It's just a fact. And to help prove that point is Seagal's latest film, CONTRACT TO KILL. In this one, Seagal stars as a badass CIA operative (again) who is hired take out an elusive Muslim terrorist who is working with Mexican cartels (this time with a team, because Seagal wants to work as few days as possible).

Anyway, here's the trailer:

HAHAHAHA!!! This almost looks like a spoof of lame, VOD action movies rather than the genuine article. And look, I'm sure Seagal still has his fans (he admittedly made some decent action flicks in the '90s), but come on. This certainly isn't UNDER SIEGE, or even UNDER SIEGE 2. For Christ's sake, he looks like a growly Walter Sobchak in a leather jacket, and his longest fight scene involves him sitting down the whole time! However, I will concede that the action scenes with his other teammates look alright, and the cinematography at least looks professional (which isn't always the case with a Seagal actioner). 

Now, if you're still somehow interested in watching CONTRACT TO KILL, it will be coming out to Wal-Mart discount bins December 9th, 2016.

Extra Tidbit: There was a time when major studios released big-budget movies starring Steven Seagal in theaters.
Source: YouTube



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