Straight Outta Compton writer to draft the new remake of Scarface

SCARFACE is one of the best crime movies in Hollywood history. The question is whether you think it is Brian De Palma's 1983 version starring Al Pacino as a Cuban immigrant turned crimelord or the 1932 Howard Hawks version starring Paul Muni as an Italian immigrant turned crimelord. In fact, you may have a third version to choose from since The Hollywood Reporter revealed a new take on the gangster story is moving forward.

Universal has teased a potential remake for years but now has a hot screenwriter on the project which could give it the boost it needs to become a reality. Jonathan Herman, writer on the NWA movie STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON as well as the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS, will work on the new SCARFACE. The film will still focus on an immigrant rising to power in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles. No other details have been released.

SCARFACE is an iconic movie thanks to Pacino's performance and the gratuitous profanity and violence throughout. Some look at is as a pulp film rather than a cinematic masterpiece but it consistently ranks as a fan favorite since it debuted in theaters. The new version would need one hell of a lead to compete with Pacino's Tony Montana if it has any hope of wooing the naysayers.

The new SCARFACE is set to be directed by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain.



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