Stuntman dies on the set of Expendables 2

Tragedy struck the set of THE EXPENDABLES 2 yesterday after an explosion went awry killing one stuntman and critically injuring another. The production was filming at the Ognyanovo reservoir near the town of Elin Pelin in Bulgaria when an explosion involving a rubber boat misfired. Both men were Chinese actors working with the film's second unit.

A spokesperson for the film released a statement saying, "It is with great regret that we confirm this unfortunate accident. Our hearts go out to the families and those on the production affected by this tragedy. The filmmakers are working closely with the authorities in responding to and investigating this accident."

None of the principal cast members nor director Simon West were present at the time of the accident and were filming in Bansko, a good two-and-a-half hours away at the time.

Sadly this is one of many stories this year about extras or actors being injured on a film set. Earlier this month, over 16 actors in zombie makeup were transported to the hospital after a platform collapsed. Last summer an extra was seriously injured on the set of TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON.

Source: THR



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