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With close to 1 out of every 4 of our visitors these days coming from mobile phones (25%), it's obvious that the world of the Internet has changed and we can't continue to simply assume that most of our viewers are sitting in front of their desktops like the good ol' days. The future is all about mobile, video and social media, and with that last part in mind, below are many of the social media hubs via which you can still keep in touch with the JoBlo Movie Network.

We encourage all fans of our site to "follow" us on any of the hubs below, and help spread the JoBlo.com gospel via "shares", "likes" and all that fun stuff. In fact, if you're a "power-user" on any of the sites below and want to help us out in a more specific way, please email me directly and let's chat. Thanks to everyone for their continued patronage of the site and for any help you can send our way. Much appreciated!

Facebook is the biggest social media site in the world at the moment. You can follow us here and share all of our latest news articles with your friends. You can also follow Arrow in the Head HERE and MovieHotties right HERE. I personally still don't "get" the full appeal of Twitter but to each his own, as I always say. If you're a tweet-head, please follow us and share our stories with others who follow you and so on and so on and so on. You can also follow Arrow in the Head HERE and MovieHotties right HERE.
Reddit is yet another site that allows users to post the coolest news stories to their followers (much like Digg) while everyone else either "pushes" the story up/down, depending on their interest. We also ask you to submit questions for some of our celebrity interviews here. We recently joined the supposedly female-skewing Pinterest social media site, which focuses more on the visuals, much like an actual "pin board". Members "pin" their favorite images/videos to their boards, while their followers re-pin and share.
We've been on Funny or Die for a couple of years now, mostly to post our Requiem for Nachos comic strips, as well as our recent stint producing a short animated gag series entitled JoBlo's Zen. Our YouTube channel has outgrown even our own JoBlo Video section, which is why you'll be seeing a merge happening between those two sections soon. In the meantime, be one of the first to see a new trailer online via our channel. You can also follow MovieHotties HERE.
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