T.J. Miller is exiting HBO's Silicon Valley, won't appear in season 5

So just mere hours after news that HBO will be renewing SILICON VALLEY for a fifth season, was also news that T.J. Miller will no longer be part of the cast. This is quite the news, as Miller's blowhard character Erlich Bachman was one of the clear highlights from the show.

Anyway, here's a statement from HBO about the ordeal:

The producers of Silicon Valley and T.J. Miller have mutually agreed that T.J. will not return for season 5. In Erlich Bachman, T.J. has brought to life an unforgettable character, and while his presence on the show will be missed, we appreciate his contribution and look forward to future collaborations.

Honestly, though, as much as it sucks to lose Miller, I don't think it's the end of the show. The other cast members (who are expected to return) are all great comedians in their own right (with Martin Starr and Kumail Nanjiani as clear standouts). And shows have survived with seemingly more devastating cast change-ups (such as Shelley Long leaving CHEERS) that nonetheless still led to great things.

The question then becomes: why the departure? While it seems obvious that Miller's commitment to other film projects (like THE EMOJI MOVIE and READY PLAYER ONE) could've contributed to it, some sources are claiming that Miller learned he was being let go when he read the finale script and saw his character had been written out. So what is really going on? We may (and most likely never will) truly know. Regardless, hopefully this doesn't mortally wound SILICON VALLEY, because I love this wacky show.

Either way, you can catch the fourth season finale of SILICON VALLEY on HBO June 25th.

Extra Tidbit: Watching the characters use handjobs to create a new programming formula is one of the biggest laughs I've ever had.
Source: THR



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