Takashi Miike to direct film based on popular manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

I love Takashi Miike films. They are just so out there and f*cked up, especially his most popular films (at least in the US) AUDITION and ICHI THE KILLER. But what's great about the prolific director is that he does a variety of types of films, like the kid-friendly NINJA KIDS!!! or the colorful and faithful ACE ATTORNEY film based on the videogame. I mean, the man has literally ninety-nine (!) films on his resume.

Which brings us to his latest film, a co-venture between Warner Bros. and Toho called JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, based on the popular manga and anime. It is about a family who possesses various superpowers that they use to defeat supernatural foes. The film will apparently be taking most of its story from part 4 of the manga “Diamond Is Unbreakable” (which, as someone who hadn't heard of JOJO until today doesn't mean anything to me, but hopefully whets the appetite of fans).

Anyway, while looking at the artwork and doing some cursory research, I feel this will be cool. I love Miike's style and balls, and I like the anime's style and humor. So it's definitely one I'll be looking out for. Whle anime-to-film adaptations haven't been great in the US (*cough*DRAGONBALL*cough*) that doesn't mean they can't be. I mean, what we saw of GHOST IN THE SHELL was cool, in my opinion. And as a co-production with a Japanese production company, there's hope that fidelity will be more upheld (since many anime-to-live action productions have been done successfully in Japan, if not so much here).

JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, starring Kento Yamazaki. is scheduled for summer 2017.

So what do you guys think? Any JOJO fans out there? And if so, what would you like to see in the film?


Extra Tidbit: Takashi Miike has directed many live-action films based on manga or anime, including NINJA KIDS, FOR LOVES SAKE, and THE MOLE SONG: UNDERCOVER AGENT REIJI.
Source: Varietu



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