Take a look at Bumblebee's toy line & more from Hasbro's Transformers series

When talking about Transformers, it's often overlooked that they began as toys, not a cartoon or comic or movie. While the cartoon and comic books were a great success, spawning many more throughout the years, eventually spinning up an entire movie franchise, it's impossible to deny the origins, which started in toy form. With that, we decided to check in with Hasbro this year at Comic Con, seeing as the latest Transformers film (the first spinoff of the series) BUMBLEBEE, was on its way to theaters and, of course, toy shelves. It was a unique opportunity to get some insight into what goes into creating these toys, what the focus of them is, the age range they're created for and what new technology is used for them. In addition to the BUMBLEBEE line, we also take a look at what's in store next for the line, which has Wal-Mart carrying a re-issue of Generation One line, as well as a new trilogy series, War for Cybertron and a new card game. Look for all of these toy lines to transform and roll out to toy shelves beginning this fall. 

BUMBLEBEE rides into theaters on December 14th, 2018.

Source: JoBlo.com



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