Taylor Kitsch has been offered the leading role in The Raid remake

Taylor Kitsch was being groomed as a franchise man when X-MEN: ORIGINS and JOHN CARTER hit screens, but it was not meant to be. At least, not at that time. The commercial success was less than stellar with those flicks and now the all-but-confirmed news of Channing Tatum taking over the role of Gambit brings Kitsch back to square one. The man has recently proved his acting chops with HBO's film, THE NORMAL HEART, and it sounds like things are revving back up. Kitsch is the latest rumor to be taking on a lead role in season 2 of True Detective, and now it seems he's being offered the lead role in the American-made THE RAID remake.

The early rumor was that Liam and Chris Hemsworth were being approached for the roles of the two brothers in the film but that probably made too much sense (or Chris was more likely too busy). Apparently two seperate sources have said that Taylor Kitsch is the real deal if he's up for it. I'm totally game if he is. More importantly to me is that this remake will be helmed by THE EXPENDABLES 3 director, Patrick Hughes. THE EXPENDABLES franchise has yet to make a solid flick thus far, so I'm hoping for the best when it comes to the third installment. If THE EXPENDABLES 3 wins over audiences, that'll go a long way with inspiring confidence with a RAID remake.

Patrick Hughes' THE EXPENDABLES 3 his theaters August 15, but you can expect some interviews up with the cast of THE EXPENDABLES 3 later this week!

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Source: The Wrap



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