Team Thor 2 teaser is here & it's worth a gazillion dollars

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is the mightiest of all the Avengers, with his godly powers capable of laying waste to entire alien hordes. But when he’s on Earth he has no castles or servants or wild boars on skewers for feasting. While here, he needs some “me time”, and we got a glimpse of his normal life in a video that was released in August last year depicting him and his roommate, Darryl. Now we have a brief bit from part two of his average-life shenanigans (full version will come out on the DOCTOR STRANGE Blu-ray) and Thor still hasn’t grasped human life too well. He can ride a bike like a mother [email protected] though.

Though just a teaser it's enough to prove this merger of Darryl and Thor is one of the best things Marvel has ever and will ever do. Period. Done. The Marvel shorts haven't been on recent Blu-ray releases, but if they fall into something goofy and absurd like this I think they can come back with a vengence. I could watch an actual movie with these two, and even though it’s just a silly video I would totally buy Darryl showing up in a MCU movie. Maybe Thor needs someone to hack something, perhaps. Not everything can be solved with a hammer, so having a gent on the ground could prove useful. At least give us a buddy sitcom, Marvel!

THOR: RAGNAROK comes out November 3, and DOCTOR STRANGE is out on digital now and Blu-ray February 28, and check out part one below!

Source: Marvel



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