Terrence Howard turns villainous for Dead Man Down

Terrence Howard with a striking stareJust last week it was reported that Dominic Cooper was looking to join DEAD MAN DOWN, the reunion project for the director and the star of the Swedish version of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, and today brings the very interesting development that Terrence Howard will play the movie's villain. 

The character in question is that of "Alphonse Hoyt, a charming but brutal crime lord who is accustomed to being feared but is thrown off guard when a mysterious tormenter (Colin Farrell) starts sabotaging his business from within and picks off his men one by one as revenge for the death of a family member. Along the way, the insider is seduced and blackmailed by a crime victim (Rapace) also seeking retribution." 

Howard as a "brutal crime lord" is going to be very interesting to see, as a movie is often only as good as the performance of its villain.  And despite the fact that I thought Howard was one of the weaker parts of IRON MAN I would definitely say that he brought the sort of strength and charm that I felt was lacking when he played James Rhodes to his part in RED TAILS, so count me very curious indeed to see what Howard will do with the role of Alphonse Hoyt.

Extra Tidbit: Howard has a degree in Chemical Engineering.
Source: Variety



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