Thanos looms over the Avengers on new international Infinity War poster

The AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR content train has not slowed down since the new trailer dropped two weeks ago, with posters, images, and TV spots hitting the internet. This includes the main poster for the movie, which features about 103 actors packed together. This has caused a bit of a discussion in the fan community, but if you find yourself hating the cluttered poster, feast your eyes on a new international poster with plenty of room to breathe.

On the new Japanese poster, there are far fewer characters than the one we’ve seen, with some of the ones that do make the cut (Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine) not having as prominent a place. The result is something a more spacious and down-right gorgeous while still getting across that this movie will have virtually every Marvel character ever.

See, isn't that gorgeous? The color and lines of light are stunning, and it all reminds of the main READY PLAYER ONE poster, which in turn, gives it a certain Spielbergian quality. Ultimately, as cool as it is to see all the characters untied onto one poster like the main does, I have to appreciate the greater simplicity of this international one here. What can I say, I like my posters better when I'm not having to play Where's Waldo. 

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR arrives April 27.

Source: Marvel Studios



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