The camera isn't the only thing that's shaky in this Southpaw clip


Director Antoine Fuqua (THE EQUALIZER, TRAINING DAY) is applying his directorial stylings to the boxing drama, SOUTHPAW, and it looks like the fit will be an apt one, especially coupled with these actors in tow. Folks were a little upset that Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't thrown a nomination for his performance in NIGHTCRAWLER, but SOUTHPAW looks like a higher profile project that might just garner him a little gold statue.

We have a clip from the movie that gives us a taste of the dynamics between Gyllenhaal's Billy Hope and Rachel McAdams' Maureen. It looks like Billy is having some intense struggles already, and for those who have seen the somewhat spoilery trailers, you know it's only going to get worse from here.

I'm probably in the minority that felt Gyllenhaal DIDN'T deserve a nomination for NIGHTCRAWLER, but that's not to say the dude doesn't consistently deliver great work. While I found the shaky cam in the above scene to be a bit distracting, I'm looking forward to seeing the performances given and how things shape up in the ring. Between this and CREED, it looks to be a good time for boxing flicks!

SOUTHPAW hits theaters on July 24, 2015.




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