Jake Gyllenhaal is phenomenal in the new Southpaw trailer

Many people complained that the first trailer for Antoine Fuqua's boxing drama SOUTHPAW gave away too much about the plot. I mean, in less than five minutes we learn how everything comes crashing down for Jake Gyllenhaal's character as well as the death of a major cast-member. Still, after seeing this condensed second trailer, I am convinced we have not seen anything yet.

Much like Gyllenhaal's performance in NIGHTCRAWLER, the trailer for SOUTHPAW looks to only hint at the full range of emotional turmoil we are going to see. It seems that all boxing films focus on emotional and personal turmoil outside of the ring rather than just the sport itself. SOUTHPAW looks gritty, tough, and inspirational along with all of those other things as well.

SOUTHPAW was originally going to star Eminem as Billy Hope. I am really glad that things changed and Gyllenhaal ended up in the lead as he is one of the most interesting actors working today. But, while I have lost interest in Eminen's music since graduating from high school, I have to say the song featured in this trailer may be his catchiest since winning the Oscar for 8 MILE.

SOUTHPAW opens in theaters on July 24th.

Source: YouTube



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