Dark Shadows dials up the neon with 9 new character posters

I was not sure how to feel about DARK SHADOWS when the trailer finally hit last week. Part of me was disappointed that it was not a dark and serious horror film. But, upon reflection, even SLEEPY HOLLOW had an air of humor about it. People have been complaining that this does not look like "classic Burton," when it screams everything that Tim Burton has built his style on.

The new character posters for DARK SHADOWS are no exception. They carry the same retro, kitschy feel as the trailer did.

The more I watch the trailer, the more interested I am in the film. I have not been completely let down by a Burton-Depp film yet. Believe me, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and ALICE IN WONDERLAND were close, but they still kept a level of odd fun about them.

DARK SHADOWS opens May 11th

Extra Tidbit: Does it make me creepy that I think Chloe Moretz is going to be a hottie when she grows up?
Source: Empire Online



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