The devil comes in many shapes as shown in this new Priest trailer

LEGION and PRIEST may have the same feel but come on, they aren't exactly the same right?

Instead of a rebellious angel who turns against the creator to defend humanity, it's a priest (Paul Bettany) who goes after vampires when his niece is kidnapped. When I talked to Karl Urban about the film on the set of RED, he seemed genuinely enthusiastic about it. I know the guy is paid to act, but he didn't mind telling you when he thought something was a bullshit idea.

After being pushed back several times due to 3D conversion and what not, the film finally releases May 13th. The second trailer for the film gives you a lot more than the previous one. Maybe you'll want to see it a bit more after viewing this.

Extra Tidbit: Paul Bettany was doing pretty great films. No doubt the guy is a good actor. Now all of a sudden he's sort of doing the action thing. Do you guys think he should go back to the serious stuff?
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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