The first five minutes of The Lovely Bones!

While I have yet to see THE LOVELY BONES, I haven't heard many positive things about it. In fact I've heard it's a big ole mess. I'm not entirely surprised as it seems to match what I had heard about the film dating back to earlier this summer. But while it may not have been the critical success that Paramount was hoping for, there's still a chance to make some money off the endeavor. The film finally opens wide this Friday after a new marketing campaign began pushing the movie towards teenage girls.

To help give the film a little extra oomph headed into this weekend, Paramount has released the first five minutes of the movie online. From this clip things don't actually look that bad. Check it out for yourself to see what you think!

UPDATE - Was just contacted by Paramount who informed me that they, in fact, did NOT officially release the first five minutes of the movie. I was told how it leaked online and it's definitely far from legal and we'll just leave it at that. So unfortunately, no soup for you. It doesn't look like they have any intentions of putting the actual first five minutes of the movie online so I guess you'll just have to make up your own mind on the flick.

Extra Tidbit: I read the book on the way back from Comic-Con this year and couldn't keep my eyes open. Or was that the Asahi still coursing through my brain?
Source: JoBlo.com



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