The Guest director Adam Wingard tapped to direct Death Note

The horror manga Death Note has piqued the interest of several directors over the years like Shane Black and Gus Van Sant, but it looks like Warner Bros. has finally found their leader in Adam Wingard. Wingard more recently made a name for himself with flicks like YOU'RE NEXT and THE GUEST. His focus on character development while delivering the red stuff makes him a perfect fit for the story about a student who comes into possession of a notebook that has the power to kill any person who's name is written in it. As of now, Wingard will be directing from a script written by Jeremy Slater (FANTASTIC FOUR, THE LAZARUS EFFECT).

Death Note is one of the few mangas I have read, and while I didn't care for the endgame, I still think it's a fascinating concept for a coming-of-age tale. I've yet to make my way around to Wingard's THE GUEST, but I've heard nothing but great things and the cast is fantastic. I may be in the minority here, but I hope that Wingard deviates from the source material and makes his own thing with this flick. The man seems to have a very clear visioin of what he wants for his films and I hope that's no different with this.

Adam Wingard's next film, THE WOODS, will shoot this summer.



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