With Shane Black doing Predator, will Gus Van Sant take over Death Note?

Some time ago, Shane Black (IRON MAN 3, KISS KISS BANG BANG) was attached to direct an American adaptation of Death Note, the popular manga that has spawned an anime and live-action features. The story itself revolves around a student how comes into possession of a notebook that has the power to kill any person who's name is written in it. Black actually seemed like the perfect fit for the job, not only having a knack for delivering interesting dialogue (despite the fact he would only be directing it) but gushing over the source material, saying that it was his "favorite manga".  Now that Black's on the Predator sequel/reboot path, who's next in line for Death Note?

Word on the street is that Gus Van Sant may approached to the fill void of director. While Black's pop-culture sensibilities and love for the source material made him a good fit, Van Sant provides an interesting alternative. His films focus on characters, first and foremost. Given that Death Note focuses on a young male, coming of age, this may be right up his alley. Either way, it's a directing choice that actually keeps me intrigued in the project, rather than a "placeholder". Now it's time to see if Van Sant actually has any interest.

Gus Van Sant's currently in pre-production on SEA OF TREES, which is set to star Matthew McConaughey, Naomi Watts and Ken Watanabe.

I'm still holding out for GOOD WILL HUNTING 2: HUNTING SEASON.

Source: Screenrant



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