The Last Exorcism plans for a sequel, makes a liar of its title

THE LAST EXORCISM is about to join the FINAL DESTINATION and FINAL FANTASY club of series that claim to be penultimate, but end up having a countless number of sequels.

Despite what its title may imply, there will be another exorcism, as the original film apparently did well enough to warrant another go-round.

If you're like me, you probably had to pause and think about which exorcism movie this was. With THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, THE RITE and others, it's easy to get mixed up. This one was the handi-cam style project about a charlatan preacher who finds himself in the middle of a real life demonic possession. Or so he thinks. There were more back and forth plot twists in that film it made me nauseous.

I thought the style was cool, and the BLAIR WITCH/REC/PARANORMAL ACTIVITY "real" aspect of it was decently well done, but naturally it didn't seem open for a sequel. No word on how exactly they're going to do one, and all we know is that relative newcomer Damien Chazelle has been brought in to write a new script. More details on the film as they emerge.

Extra Tidbit: Probably not the best sign when I was laughing when the demon was talking.
Source: THR



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