The long voyage to a Star Trek Nation

Scott Colthorp has been working on his STAR TREK documentary TREK NATION for ten years now. I know because I have a friend who's worked on it for nearly as long, poring over countless hours of archival footage and interviews, honing and perfecting it and hoping to finally get it out to its fanbase.

Scott's talked with dozens of people from every series, got inside access with Rod Roddenberry (Gene's son), and even interviewed scientists, writers, and rock stars all influenced by the visionary thinking of the elder Roddenberry. The film is pretty much guaranteed to be the most exhaustive look at the STAR TREK phenomenon that's ever existed.

On November 30th, Discovery Science is airing a TV version of the feature-length doc... one that's been heavily edited.

Scott has taken to Youtube with his "Director's Log"- below you can see an annoucement of what to expect in the months to come, all sorts of deleted scenes and extended interviews with the Trek elite. The TREK NATION facebook page has even more clips from the film as well. Hopefully one day we'll be able to see the full, uncut film!

Source: Trek Nation



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