The Ricky Gervais directed comedy Special Correspondents to debut on Netflix

Ricky Gervais announced his third film as director back in October and now we have learned that the comedy will debut on Netflix in 2016. SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS, starring Eric Bana, already has been sold to Sony for international distribution while domestically it will premiere on the streaming service. This marks yet another big deal for Netflix along with exclusive premieres for the sequel to CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON and a multi-film deal with Adam Sandler.

Here's the plot for SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS, which goes into production this Spring.

Bana plays a struggling New York-based radio journalist whose arrogance and decadent lifestyle has hindered his career. With his job on the line, he fakes front-line war reports from the comfort of his hideout above a Spanish restaurant in the heart of Manhattan.

Eric Bana has not headlined a major film in quite a while but started his career in Australia in sketch comedy before seguing to drama in Andrew Dominik's CHOPPER. Stateside, Bana has been primarily an action and dramatic actor in movies like HULK, TROY, and DELIVER US FROM EVIL. He appeared in Judd Apatow's FUNNY PEOPLE but this would be his biggest comedic role to premiere in the United States.

Gervais' comedy is an acquired taste, but I enjoyed both THE INVENTION OF LYING and CEMETERY JUNCTION, so it will be interesting to see if SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS ends up improving on his prior work or justifying a Netflix debut.

SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS will be released in 2016.

Source: Deadline



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