The teaser for Piranha 3DD lives up to its name

PIRANHA 3DD is a real thing. It's an actual movie that will be released by a major studio into theaters. It also seems to be made for people who thought PIRANHA 3D was the picture of restraint.

This version returns Ving Rhames, which might have you wondering (SPOILER ALERT), "Didn't he get chomped upon in the original?" Why yes, he did, but he only lost his legs. And he's since had his legs replaced with shotguns. Because, of course.

If it sounds like I'm doggin' PIRANHA 3DD, I'm really not, if for no other reason that it gave me my favorite trailer screencap of all time (see below). That scene in the trailer should just be the motion poster for the movie and this will make $100 million on opening weekend.

The teaser debuted last night during the Spike TV Scream Awards, which explains the lo-fi quality and the logo in the corner. As soon as an HD copy is available, we'll update...

Source: JoBlo.com



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