The Transformers Bumblebee spinoff is a prequel, and may begin filming soon

A mere two days ago, Michael Bay revealed that there are fourteen more stories written as a part of the TRANSFORMERS film universe, which includes both the main-line movies as well as any planned spin-offs. The collective groan from the public was mighty indeed, but do you think for one moment this will stop the powers that be from attempting to make more these films while presumably raking in the big bucks? I think not. So sit tight, people, there's a chance that we'll have the opportunity to watch a new TRANSFORMERS movie for several generations to come. 

This morning, some new details on the Bumblebee solo film have cropped up, postulating that production for the Travis Knight (THE BOXTROLLS, KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS) helmed project could begin as early as this coming Summer - with a planned release some time in 2018. Furthermore, Bay recently told MTV that the movie will be a prequel that reaches back to Bumblebee's younger days, which one would assume means that he'll have better control of his speech and won't have to rely on radio broadcasts to express himself. It's also being reporter that the spin-off will aim to "go a little younger", seeing as Bumblebee is known to be a favorite of the franchise's prepubescent fanbase. 

As of the moment, there is no date set for the release of the Bumblebee spin-off, though if you feel the need for more robots in disguise in your cinematic diet, you can check out TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT when it explodes into theaters starting on June 23, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: To no one's surprise, Soundwave has always been my favorite Transformer.
Source: The AV Club



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