The Transporter series will deliver its packages on Cinemax

A year or so back, we heard that writer/director/producer Luc Besson was planning a 12-episode cable show based on THE TRANSPORTER movies.

Now we know that hard-driving, face-kicking wheelman Frank Martin will bring his vehicular abilities and head-smacking talents to cable network Cinemax for the original series, expected to begin production this summer.

The show is budgeted at $4 million per episode, and follows the reticent driver as he makes deliveries, breaks his own rules, punches random henchmen, and typically finds himself shirtless and covered in various liquids.

The TRANSPORTER movies helped make star Jason Statham a go-to action guy, and launched director Louis Leterrier's Hollywood career.

Cinemax is also making another original series, their own version of the British espionage show "Strike Back". Besson's EuropaCorp is also considering a cable series based on TAKEN, but not until some time after Liam Neeson returns to screens with his particular set of skills.

Extra Tidbit: I don't know how his English is, but Besson regular Cyril Raffaelli (DISTRICT B13) would stomp all kinds of butt as the TV Transporter. Got some other ideas?
Source: Deadline



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