The uncensored Girl With the Dragon Tattoo poster is here

Back in February, we ran a story headlined "David Fincher wants Rooney Mara naked on the Dragon Tattoo poster." It was an excerpt from an interview with Fincher ostensibly promoting THE SOCIAL NETWORK for Best Picture. But Fincher was deep in DRAGON TATTOO at the time and the reporter caught a glimpse of what Fincher had in mind for the poster. As the story goes, "It's black and white and beautiful, but there's no way in hell any studio will ever let Fincher use it, as he knows. Because Mara is naked from the waist up."

Four months later, here we are and somehow the tenacious director has actually convinced Sony Pictures to release a poster featuring its star naked from the waist up. How this gets past the MPAA is beyond me but whatever the case, the uncensored (and obviously NSFW) version of the poster (no "The Film Is Not Yet Rated" bar or release date covering anything up) is now online and you can check it out by clicking below...

Source: IMP Awards



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