Third Prometheus TV spot continues to amp up the suspense

With the third TV spot for PROMETHEUS, we get added narration and a slightly clearer view of the space jockey. At this point, there is nothing they can do that will prevent me from seeing this movie the day it comes out.

Idris Elba yelling that "they" are right outside the ship, Charlize Theron barking orders, Michael Fassbender looking all robotic and evil, and Noomi Rapace screaming "DIE!" I am 100% sold on this movie.

If you search Twitter and Facebook for news on Prometheus, you will find a large number of people who claim to be more excited for this movie than THE DARK KNIGHT RISES or THE AVENGERS. I am right there with them. Now, if another DARK KNIGHT trailer surfaces between now and June 8th, we may all change our tune.

Is it just me or does Noomi Rapace look very Ellen Ripley in that final shot? Hopefully we get a space undies scene!

PROMETHEUS opens in 73 days (June 8th).

Extra Tidbit: Ridley Scott should make another movie in the LEGEND universe. That I would love to see.
Source: YouTube



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