This casting call may reveal the tone and identity of Edgar Wright's Ant-Man

As rumors swirl that Paul Rudd, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Rashida Jones may be up for roles in Edgar Wright's ANT-MAN, we continue to try and figure out which version of the Marvel character will be at the center of the long awaited Marvel hero's big screen debut. Edgar Wright has described his take on the story as a super-powered heist movie and mentioned that Hank Pym would appear in the film but didn't go so far as to call him the main character. This led to many speculating that Scott Lang would be ANT-MAN in the film.

Bludhaven Banter has uncovered a casting call for an untitled Marvel film which they are theorizing is ANT-MAN based on the roles and the timing fitting with the upcoming production for the movie. The source of the casting call also brought the original news that Dave Bautista was cast as Drax in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. So, while not concrete, there is support for these ideas. Here is the listing for the roles being sought:

[Young Girl] Submit ages 6-9, intelligent, appealing

[Male] 30s, Asian, Huge, tough and intimidating, comedic ability

[Male] 30s, Caucasian, over 6′, dangerous and rough, comedic

[Male] 50s, Italian-American, scary and unusual features, deadpan humour

[Male] 30s – 40s, Russian, wiry and smart, deadpan humour

[Male] 20s or 30s, under 5’8″, edgy and funny

First off, if this is ANT-MAN, we can assume that Wright is aiming for the comedic tone that all of his films have featured. Every role is described as funny, deadpan, or comedic which is fine by me. Comic Book Brain Splatter theorizes that the young girl fits with Cassie Lang, daughter of Scott Lang, whose illness triggers the theft of Hank Pym's suit and therefore becomes the second ANT-MAN. This could mean that both Rudd and Gordon-Levitt (or another actor if he truly is not in the film) could be playing both Pym and Lang in the same film. While another actor could play Pym and Rudd is taking the Lang role, I think the first theory fits better. That way you get two superheroes for the price of one and it always allows one actor to exit the series and the other can don the suit.

Either way, I like the idea of Pym and Lang in the movie as it is a dynamic we have not really seen in a major studio superhero movie: two characters passing the same persona from one to another. We shall see once the roles all get filled just exactly what ANT-MAN will be all about.

ANT-MAN is slated to hit theaters on July 31, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: If only one ANT-MAN will be in the movie, would you prefer Pym over Lang? Lang over Pym?



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