Thor: Ragnarok director will helm movie about Michael Jackson's pet monkey

You read that right. THOR: RAGNAROK director Taika Waititi - alongside co-director Mark Gustafson - will be helming a movie about Michael Jackson's famous pet monkey, Bubbles, appropriately-titled BUBBLES. The film will be stop-motion animated through Dan Harmon's Starburn Industries, which has done such projects as Charlie Kaufman's ANOMALISA, Adult Swim's MORAL OREL, and the stop-motion Christmas episode of COMMUNITY.

Here's what Waitit had to say about the project:

It’s an idea that fascinates me and one I want to develop further...Most people know I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan, so the main thing for me is to make sure it’s respectful of him and his legacy. I’m not interested in making a biopic; I want to focus on telling a story that blends fact and fantasy, about an animal trying to make sense of the world...This film is not about Michael Jackson because that’s not a story for me to tell — or a story I’d be comfortable telling — it’s about a chimpanzee’s fascinating journey through the complex jungle of human life...[also] I think animation is the only way to approach a story like this. I really loved Anomalisa because it was beautiful and authentic in its meditation on loneliness. I’m really excited to be working with Dan Harmon and Starburns as we share similar sensibilities and want to tell human stories in unique and artistic ways.

Honestly, this sounds amaze-balls! I've loved Waititi's work in FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS, WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, and the recent HUNT FOR THE WINDERPEOPLE, and I've also loved everything Starburn's Industries has done (especially the aforementioned ANOMALISA and MORAL OREL). And, you know what? I think the story legitimately sounds intriguing. It's a unique way to tell Michael Jackson's story, while at the same time not telling it. I can't wait!

But what do you Schmoes think? You guys as excited as me? Sound off below!

No official release date yet, but you bet your ass we'll keep you updated on this project as it comes.

Extra Tidbit: To be fair, having a pet monkey is like the fifth weirdest thing about Michael Jackson, at best.
Source: Deadline



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