Tons of new images have surfaced from Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life

If there's one disappointing thing with this new slew of beautiful images from Terrence Malick's THE TREE OF LIFE, it's that they don't show us nearly enough regarding just what the long-awaited and very enigmatic film will actually be about! There is, of course, some sort of fascinating cosmic element in the film, but even that was only hinted at in the trailer we saw back in December (and of course, let's not forget the supposed inclusion of f*cking dinosaurs!). Naturally, none of these things are explicitly touched on in these new images, which are likely being held back so we can have our collective minds blown in theaters. Which is fine by me!

Below we have but a handful of the new pics. Head on over to The Film Stage to check out a whole bunch more from Malick's much-anticipated film. THE TREE OF LIFE - starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain - is currently scheduled for a May 27th release.

Synopsis: We trace the evolution of an eleven-year-old boy in the Midwest, Jack, one of three brothers. At first all seems marvelous to the child. He sees as his mother does, with the eyes of his soul. She represents the way of love and mercy, where the father tries to teach his son the world's way, of putting oneself first. Each parent contends for his allegiance, and Jack must reconcile their claims. The picture darkens as he has his first glimpses of sickness, suffering and death. The world, once a thing of glory, becomes a labyrinth.

Framing this story is that of adult Jack, a lost soul in a modern world, seeking to discover amid the changing scenes of time that which does not change: the eternal scheme of which we are a part. When he sees all that has gone into our world's preparation, each thing appears a miracle precious, incomparable. Jack, with his new understanding, is able to forgive his father and take his first steps on the path of life.

Extra Tidbit: Special effects guru Douglas Trumbull - known for his work on Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A SPACY ODYSSEY and Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER - is working with Malick on THE TREE OF LIFE. It will be his first credited work in 27 years!
Source: The Film Stage



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