Trailer for Peter Jackson's West of Memphis, documentary on the West Memphis Three

PARADISE LOST 3 just premiered on HBO yesterday, but there's still more about the West Memphis 3 for you to learn. For instance, did you know that Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh (yes, the couple behind LORD OF THE RINGS) were instrumental in the trio's release from prison? They personally funded another investigation into the crime and found new evidence that led to their case getting reopened.

After doing so they produced the documentary WEST OF MEMPHIS. The director of the project is Amy Berg, no stranger to documentaries about disturbing subjects. She was also behind the excellent DELIVER US FROM EVIL, a horrifying look into how the Catholic church commited great acts of evil and protected its child-molesting priests.

WEST OF MEMPHIS looks like yet another look into the shortcomings of our legal system (and society), and while there's only so many movies on the same subject you can take, these filmmakers certainly make it a must-see. But how will it stack against PARADISE LOST 3?

The trailer for the documentary has just premiered, and you can check it out below. No word on a release date just yet but we'll let you know when we hear it.

Source: JoBlo



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