Transformers: The Last Knight wraps U.K. shoot, teaser coming by December

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Beyond enjoying the first TRANSFORMERS flick a little more than I expected to, I really don't have all that much love for the rest of the TRANSFORMERS franchise. Obviously a great many people around the world care quite a bit more about the battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons than I do, as the franchise has pulled in some serious money at the box-office over the years. Despite my nonexistent feelings towards the franchise, I can't help but to find myself intrigued with what Michael Bay has up his sleeves for TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT. After all, this fifth installment will somehow bring together King Arthur, Nazis and giant robots battling over the fate of our planet.

Michael Bay has been shooting TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT in England for some time and he finally wrapped up earlier today. While shooting a Facebook Live video to commemorate the occasion, Bay revealed that we should expect the first teaser for TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT to arrive by November or December.

The large outdoor set which Michael Bay is on appears to be the site of a major medieval battle. Could there be Autobots or Decepticons involved? Who knows, but an exclusive scoop by the boss man Paul Shirey earlier this year did shed a little light on why King Arthur and his knights are involved in the latest TRANSFORMERS story. After finding Cybertron in shambles, Optimus Prime is seeking a way to bring his planet back to life, but to do so, he requires an ancient artifact which is conveniently located back on Earth. That artifact in question has ties to Merlin, who was given his magical powers by a Transformer hundreds of years ago. Production on the film isn't over yet as Bay mentioned that the next stop will be in Namibia, Africa.

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT is set for a June 23, 2017 release.

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