Tron 3 gets a confirmed production start date and new subtitle

Looks like those scoops regarding Joseph Kosinski returning to direct the sequel to TRON: LEGACY this Fall are true. But, that is not all, now we appear to have the official title for the third TRON courtesy of a tweet from Production Weekly.

I like that the title keeps with the single word subtitle trend of TRON: LEGACY and TRON: UPRISING. Whether this remains the final title remains to be seen, but it seems to fit with the style of the franchise so far. We still do not know who will be returning for the sequel aside from Kosinski and star Garrett Hedlund, but I would think Olivia Wilde is a lock. More importantly, will Koskinski bring Daft Punk back to score or will he go with his OBLIVION composer M83?

TRON: ASCENSION is set for a five month shoot which is significantly longer than TRON: LEGACY's 67 day shoot. I don't want to make assumptions, but either they are building in a big buffer for production or this is going to be a much bigger film than the last one. Fingers crossed that this will be as visually stunning as the last one.

TRON: ASCENSION has no set release date.

Source: Twitter



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