TV's awful Wonder Woman costume gets an equally awful makeover

With a Wonder Woman movie still lightyears away, the best hope the character has to win hearts and minds is in her new TV show on NBC.

There wasn't a huge outcry when Friday Night Lights hottie Adrianne Palicki was cast, but there was some uproar when the first shot of her in costume surfaced. Comments ranged from "Halloween costume" to "superhero porn star" and the showrunners took the criticism to heart.

In the shots you'll see above and below, they've done some tweaking to the costume meant to alleviate some of the complaints. Namely, the bottom half has been completely revamped with latex giving way to matte spandex, and blue boots becoming red.

Does it look better? Marginally, as I'm sure the shiny bright blue used previously would have looked terrible on camera. Does it look good? No. The new pants practically look like skin-tight Wonder Jeans, and I've watched enough Project Runway to know that the material clashes with the rest of the outfit. There has got to be some way to update Wonder Woman and make her look patriotic AND sexy for 2011, but these two versions sure aren't it.

Head over to the Daily Blam for more pics and even a video of the costume in action. Your thoughts on the new attempt?

Extra Tidbit: I haven't caught Smallville in half a decade, but did they end up putting him in a suit that looks halfway decent?



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