Two new clips from Need For Speed feature Aaron Paul and Michael Keaton

Speed, bitch!

Today, we've got two new clips from Scott Waugh's NEED FOR SPEED, starring Jesse Pinkman himself, Aaron Paul, as well as Imogen Poots, Dominic West, Dakota Johnson, Scott Mescudi, and Michael Keaton. The first clip highlights Keaton's character "Monarch" who gives a strange "Keaton-ish" performance as an announcer for the DeLeon, the cross-country race that Paul's character is taking part in. The other clip is a nice little peek at some fancy driving from the film as Paul narrowly avoids a bus crash in his Mustang GT. It's good, cheesy fun across the board.

Welcome to The DeLeon:

Watch out for the bus!:

I've heard rumblings from recent screenings that this is actually a lot of fun and that makes me happy. As a huge fan of Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad I would love to see him succeed in features, so to hear good things about his first entry out the gate is a good thing. I rather enjoyed director Scott Waugh's ACT OF VALOR in terms of the action (definitely not for the acting) and this is a great opportunity for him to show what he can do with a bigger budget and trained actors. So far, it's looking (and sounding) good.

NEED FOR SPEED races into theaters on March 14, 2014.

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