Valkyrie delayed

Now this is a somewhat sad way to end the day's shift: it seems that VALKYRIE's release has been pushed back to the 8th October, when it will go up against Spike Jonze's exciting flick WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Why is this bad news? Well because aside from Tom Cruise just not even bothering to try and speak with a German accent, I think this thing looks spectacular. I know a little about the Third Reich, and if this is done properly, I can see it being extremely thrilling. Throw in a cast that is absolutely bananas and you've got something special. Plus, that line from the trailer is golden: "when the SS catch you, they will pull you apart like warm bread." VALKYRIE was originally intended to hit next June, with WALL-E and WANTED. Was it moved because it couldn't hack Jolie/McAvoy/Freeman? Does it have anything to do with a golden statue? Who knows. I guess we'll just have to wait a little longer for this one.
Extra Tidbit: Allegedly Cruise was drawn to the role because of his remarkable resemblance to his character, Claus Von Stauffenberg. If only I could get a picture of myself to Brad Pitt, I could finally get my biopic off the ground.
Source: BoxOfficeMojo



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