Venom director confirms which two story arcs the film will be based on

So at the Comic-Con Experience 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil a couple days ago, Sony introduced VENOM director Ruben Fleischer to fans (via satellite) to give a few details about the anticipated upcoming film. While there unfortunately was no new footage or set pics or anything (though star Tom Hardy did show up for a bit), Fleischer was able to reveal that the film will be based primarily on two comic-book story arcs: LETHAL PROTECTOR and PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES.

So here are is the story of LETHAL PROTECTOR, according to Wikipedia:

enom makes an agreement with Spider-Man that they will leave each other alone, on the condition that Venom commits no crimes. Venom then moves from New York City to San Francisco, and takes up with a group of Californian mole people. Shortly thereafter the father of one of Venom's victims seeks him out with a group of super-powered mercenaries to take revenge. Spider-Man, seeing misleading coverage of Venom on television, heads to San Francisco to confront him and instead winds up fighting alongside Venom against five new offspring of the Venom Symbiote: Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

And the synopsis for PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES:

Eddie Brock contemplates his relationship with the Venom symbiote after Venom's spawn Phage, Riot, Lasher, Agony, and Scream struggle to control themselves against their own symbiotes.[2] While teamed with Spider-Man against a terrorist group, Brock realizes the symbiote is influencing him to kill. Spider-Man attempts to convince Eddie to abandon the symbiote by blaming it for Brock's insanity. Brock forces the symbiote to leave him, to allow him to think about the situation uninfluenced. Angry at being rejected, the symbiote unleashes a powerful, telepathic scream that draws a spaceship of other symbiotes to Earth.[3] Continuing in the same issue, the symbiotes begin possessing random civilians and committing murders. Brock, believing his symbiote is to blame, teams with Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider to investigate. They eventually discover the symbiotes are creating a massive machine out of stolen Earth components.

Now, I'm not going to lie guys, I'm not much of a Venom guy - let alone someone who'd actively seek out comics featuring him. Hell, my ambivalence to the character is probably why I don't hate SPIDER-MAN 3 the way most people do. So, for any rabid Venom-heads out there, do these sound like good starting off points for the solo feature film? Either way, sound off below!

Meanwhile, VENOM will chomp into theaters October 5th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Honestly, I didn't hate SPIDER-MAN 3, and in fact enjoyed a lot of it - even acknowledging the obvious flaws. I'm not afraid to say it.
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