Venom rebooted as a Black Ops hero in new Spider-Man comic

He might be one of Spider-Man's oldest foes, but Marvel has decided to give Venom his shot at the big time in a new starring role as a HERO in a fresh plotline.

In Amazing Spider-Man #654, the symbiote, now in the possession of the US government, is assigned to a young soldier who lost his legs in the Middle East. He'll use it to carry out secret Black Ops missions for the government all over the world, though is only allowed to equip the suit in 48 hour intervals to avoid being driven insane by it.

So who's wearing it? Possible spoilers: Flash Thompson, the bully who used to pick on Peter Parker in high school is the injured vet given a second shot with the new suit.

Readers can expect "a big dollop of high adventure, dipped in international intrigue puree and sprinkled with a healthy love of Sean Connery 007 films," creative team head Rick Remender says. "It's full of big action and classic Spider-Man villains but is always mindful to place our hero, Flash Thompson, in difficult situations that demand he use as much brain as brawn."

The new Venom design seen above is pretty damn cool looking, and if this series is a hit, I wouldn't be surprised if this got turned into a feature film in the not too distant future.

Extra Tidbit: Venom had such potential in SPIDER-MAN 3, sigh.
Source: USA Today



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