Villains get their due as Azazel gets his own First Class poster

At long last, an X-MEN: FIRST CLASS poster I don't have to lambast for its horrendous use of photoshop!

Rather, it's a simple affair, a mere character poster for Hellfire Club member Azazel, whom we haven't seen too clear of a shot of in the trailers yet. He's the father of Nightcrawler, and has similar teleporting abilities. In the comic he fathers Nightcrawler with Mystique, who in this movie is a mere teenager in love with Beast, and that plot development never comes up, lest it be exceedingly creepy.

I'm sure this will spark a host of new villain posters, and I'm sure we're all looking forward to seeing how little clothing January Jones will be wearing in her Emma Frost iteration. Check out the poster below, and see it larger over at the Pimpin Poster Palace.

Extra Tidbit: So you all still think this will be good huh? I hope you're right.
Source: Shockya



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