Vin Diesel says development has begun on a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter

There are few sure things in Hollywood these days outside of sequels and comic book movies. There is still a gamble when you try and start a new franchise that audiences may not be familiar with. But, if you do, you should feel much more secure with either Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel in the lead. Such is the case with Diesel's upcoming THE LAST WITCH HUNTER.

As he often does, Diesel took to his Facebook page to share some industry news with his fans and followers. In this case, it was the news that THE LAST WITCH HUNTER may become a franchise before the first movie even hits theaters. Here was his message today.

So the studio apparently is so excited by the Last Witch Hunter - The Axe and Cross franchise... that they are already commencing on the next one. The first one doesn't hit theaters until October 23rd, yet they want me to commit and already block out time to film it. As always, I love to hear your feedback...

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THE LAST WITCH HUNTER co-stars Elijah Wood, Michael Caine, and Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie. It isn't even set to hit theaters until Halloween but has already been attached to many of this summer's biggest films, starting with Diesel's FURIOUS 7. Whether the movie is any good or not is irrelevant as the box office results globally will likely make this movie a winner and guarantee that sequel gets made. Diesel's schedule is already busy with the eighth FAST AND FURIOUS movie so the studio would definitely want to lock him up as soon as possible.

THE LAST WITCH HUNTER opens on October 23rd.

Source: Facebook



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