Vlad without Vampires

Bring on the vampire movie that isn't about vampires!

Monday, we brought news of the Brad Pitt produced story of VLAD, written by Charlie Hunnam. People were moaning and groaning at the possible idea of another vampire movie coming from Summit Entertainment. Although, this isn't really a vampire movie.

In fact, this film doesn't even include any vampirism according to Hunnam, "As the script stands now, we don’t touch on vampirism. That was my one non-negotiable area when we were developing it, and thankfully, nobody suggested that we should delve into it at the end." Vlad ravaged his enemies, and gruesomely impaled them. The story starts at the early days, "It’s a very big and sweeping story. The majority of time focuses on him as a young man assuming his rule as a prince, but we actually go all the way through his life."

The SONS OF ANARCHY actor talks about the movie in detail in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The perfect choice for the Hungarian Vlad in his opinion would be Colin Farrell, "As I was writing it, I vacillated between thinking about myself playing the role as a fantasy [laughs], and Colin Farrell and Christian Bale. Particularly Farrell. There’s something very roguish and bad boy about Vlad, and I know Colin a little bit, and I think he has some of the characteristics that would be essential for playing this guy." As for a look for the film, they were looking for something that was a mix of 300 and BRAVEHEART. In other words, on a very epic battle scale. The film might turn out to be something worth while. Hunnam knows his history and gets that you can subtly get to the origin of vampires without having to crack open a neck cocktail, "There are a million ways to show that this guy is the origin of vampirism without actually having him drinking blood."

Extra Tidbit: I did not realize this guy was on UNDECLARED. One day it was my favorite show, the next day it was gone. *sigh*
Source: EW



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