Warner Bros. drops Dumb and Dumber sequel but its head hasn't fallen off yet

If you didn't get the headline click here. It appears the sequel to DUMB AND DUMBER has hit another speed bump. THR has learned that Warner Bros. has dropped DUMB AND DUMBER TO. Sources for THR say the studio doesn't think the sequel will perform that well and wouldn't be worth going forward with even though the budget for the DUMB AND DUMBER TO is apparently in the low $30 million range. Part of the reason why the studio has gone with this decision might be because of how poorly THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE performed. Jim Carrey was also one of the main stars of that film and it too carried a price tag of around $30 million yet it only made about $22 million.

The good news is Warner Bros. is shopping the project to other studios. According to Deadline Red Granite Pictures is interested in financing the film and covering foreign markets, and five other companies are looking into distributing the film domestically.

I wouldn't say DUMB AND DUMBER TO is on the same level as GHOSTBUSTERS 3 of sequels that don't necessarily need to happen but are constantly talked about or rumored yet can never seem to get all the right pieces in place at the right time. But sometimes it's damn close. I am glad Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are attached to the sequel but if they weren't I'd want nothing to do with it. The Farrelly Brothers have not been at their best in quite a while and that's my biggest concern for DUMB AND DUMBER TO. 

But with Daniels and Carrey still in the mix I can't help but have some hope that if the sequel does happen it will be just as ridiculous and hilarious as the first one.

Extra Tidbit: The DUMB AND DUMBER soundtrack is fantastic to listen to on road trips.



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