Warner Bros. to "tone down" Cartoon Network's Beware The Batman in wake of shootings

Well, this is sure to ruffle some feathers.  After the horrific events in Aurora, Colorado this month, it seems that Warner Bros. is not only making changes to their live action features, but their animation as well.  Word is that WB are altering the tone and violence of Cartoon Network's Beware the Batman animated series, which is set to debut next year.

According to Variety, "an unspecified number of alterations were made to some designs and situations on the series to minimize the amount of weapon imagery deemed too realistic."  

These alterations include changing gun barrels from round shapes to square shapes, seemingly to make them more sci-fi looking than realistic.  WB Animation executive VP Sam Register is cited as the one who initiated the changes, which he did on his own and not at the request of WB.

The animated series "was intended to offer Batman fans an animated version of the franchise in keeping with the more serious tone of 'Dark Knight," but it seems all that is about to change with these modifications.  The long-running Batman: The Animated Series featured depictions of real guns, explosives, and violence, which fit perfectly within Batman lore without being "too realistic." Whatever that means.

For me, the kneejerk reaction to this whole thing as it pertains to entertainment is a damned shame.  Changing guns to not look like guns does not minimize or erase their real-world counterparts.  It's such an asinine move.  You can change and alter things onscreen all you want, but that doesn't mean they stop existing in the real world.  Certainly there's a grace period where you want to be respectful, etc., but in the end, it's not Warner Bros. or Batman's fault that some crazy asshole went nuts.

I've always viewed film, comics, etc., to be a medium in which our world, both good and bad, can be expressed to show who we are, for better or for worse. 

What's next?  Will Batman no longer use fists?  Will he go the MONSTERS INC. route and tell jokes to fight crime? 

What are your thoughts on this, Schmoes?


Extra Tidbit: The realistic action and dark tones, coupled with the fantasy and humor, are what made Batman: The Animated Series such a great success. I can't imagine what that show would've been like "toned down." Oh, wait, yes I can. It would've sucked.
Source: Variety



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