Warwick Davis shows us some new stuff from the Young Han Solo set

So this is cute. Warwick Davis (Wicket from RETURN OF THE JEDI) showed some new stuff from the set of the YOUNG HAN SOLO while promoting the "Force for Change" charity, where fans can win a chance for a role on the new film, among other prizes. He was joined by the directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (who are honestly the main reasons I haven't already completely written the film off). Let's take a look:

Like I said, that was pretty cute. It begins with Warwick explaining that he couldn't explore the set, due to potentially exposing spoilers, so he showed us what he could. This included shots of the parking lot, vending machines, and an ill-placed selfie. However, then Lord and Miller show up, with one of them revealing a new alien creature. It's admittedly not much, but the alien seemed to be a costume, so at least they're keeping with trying to have everything as practical and tactile as possible. Also it looked pretty cool.

I'm still iffy on the idea (I hate the fact it's based on Han Solo, but enjoy the directors' previous work), but this does help alleviate my apprehensions a bit.

Meanwhile, the YOUNG HAN SOLO movie will be smuggling into theaters May 25th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: When I think of Warwick Davis, all I can think of is Liam Neeson repeatedly saying "AIDS".
Source: YouTube



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