Andy Samberg and Kit Harington duel in the full trailer for 7 Days In Hell

A few weeks ago, we got the first look at the ridiculous mockumentary 7 DAYS IN HELL starring Andy Samberg and Kit Harington. Set up to appear like a real HBO sports documentary special, the film looks a lot like the work of Christopher Guest. Now, HBO has unveiled a new trailer with additional footage that proves two things: tennis can be hilarious and so can Kit Harington.

Crammed into this brief trailer are references to THE BLIND SIDE, sex with streakers, mullets, and a lot more. While this is not a full length film, it definitely shows that Samberg and Harington should make one together.

A parody of cable-TV sports docs, the 45-minute film follows bad-boy tennis star Aaron Williams (Samberg) and his idiotic prodigy opponent Charles Poole as they compete in an epic 7-day long Wimbledon match that tests their strength, will and the patience of their fans.

As someone who likes Will Ferrell's idiotic sports movies like BLADES OF GLORY and SEMI-PRO, this look like another great spoof of professional athletes. Tennis is not exactly as universally embraced as other sports but this should definitely be funny enough for all audiences.

The full cast for the film is pretty impressive and includes Karen Gillan, Lena Dunham, Michael Sheen, Mary Steenburgen, Will Forte, Howie Mandel and Fred Armisen, as well as real-life tennis stars John McEnroe and Serena Williams. As an added bonus, users of HBONow and HBOGo will have access to stream the film three days before it debuts on July 11th.

"Second serve now, after killing a man."

Source: YouTube



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